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Finding an Affordable / Cheap Divorce Lawyer in Winnipeg

A divorce can be served in many different forms or under varying legal titles. Whether through a request for dissolution or served divorce papers, there are many things to consider if you are facing the end of your marriage, including the cost of finding an attorney to represent you. For those seeking legal advice during this difficult time, there are resources available to help with legal representation that will not stress you financially and will help you throughout the potentially long endeavor.

Beginning the Journey in Winnipeg, MB

The cost of a divorce in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada is more than just emotional. There are serious financial burdens that may be placed upon you as a result of the legal end of a marriage as well. Costs of hiring a lawyer to represent you can range greatly, depending on the amount of time and energy your representative must put into your case as well as how big or small the law firm is. Payments can range in the thousands of dollars for a single attorney retainer and hourly charges for help and legal aid can be upwards of several hundred dollars per sixty minutes spent working with you. The cost, as you see, can be extreme and add up rather quickly.

One of the ways in which to save money on an affordable divorce lawyer case is by examining the ways in which both you and your soon-to-be former spouse’s marriage was structured. For instance, if there were no children throughout the marriage or if the financial division of property was small or even if the separation or annulment in Winnipeg Manitoba is not being contested, the level of legal advice needed is much lower. This means that you and your ex-partner may be able to do it on your own via a summary judgment by the court. Legal advice in this case, though you may always seek it, is not necessarily going to cost you as much as it would for more involved marital conditions. In fact, you may only need an attorney to provide the paperwork and help for just a few hours, which can save you thousands.

How To Locate Divorce Legal Aid in Manitoba

There are several different areas and individuals that can help in providing you legal advice at a lower than normal cost. These include organizations such as your local, state, or even national bar association or your community legal resource office. Bar associations may be able to guide you toward lawyers or attorneys that do work in the field for less of a fee. There are also those attorneys and lawyers who have made their careers on providing low cost help to those who may need it. They focus their work on those individuals who want help but cannot regularly afford exorbitant costs and over their services at a lower cost. Be sure to do your research to ensure that you are working with a qualified individual, however, before ever entering into a contractual agreement.

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