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Question to Find Best Winnipeg Divorce Attorney

Going through separation and divorce can be a very painful time with the struggles dividing assets, custody of children, and property. Hiring a skilled attorney is almost always required to ensure your voice is heard and to help sort through the mountains of paperwork involved.

Hiring the best divorce lawyer for you in Winnipeg MB might not be a pleasant experience but it is important that you find one with a successful track record that you are comfortable talking with. The reliability and credibility of your attorney is vital to your comfort with their ability to handle your case successfully.

Fundamental Questions

  1. Do you specialize in family law or are you a general practitioner?
  2. How long have you been practicing divorce law?
  3. Do you carry malpractice insurance?
  4. What percentage of your cases are divorce or separation cases?
  5. Do you have experience in divorce court?
  6. What is your typical strategy when handling divorce cases?
  7. Ho many divorce cases go through trial every year
  8. If a trial is unavoidable, will you continue to manage my case by yourself or will you have assistance?
  9. What is your fee structure? Will you charge hourly or per meeting?
  10. What other expenses – associate lawyers, accountants, etc. – should I expect to incur?
  11. What will be our primary means of communication?
  12. How often will I need to meet with you?
  13. Will I be provided a written expense agreement?

Case-Related Questions

  1. How long do you expect my case to take?
  2. Will a trial be required?
  3. Is mediation recommended?
  4. What issues could affect the proceedings?
  5. Do you have an educated prediction of the outcome of my case?
  6. How do you negotiate child support or custody?
  7. How do you negotiate spousal maintenance or alimony?
  8. Will you be handling my case directly?
  9. Do you encourage direct contact with my spouse?
  10. What makes for a strong case?

The personality of your potential attorney is important for your comfort level. If this is your first time interviewing lawyers, the following list of characteristics might be helpful.

Characteristics of Top Attorneys

  1. One who works effectively and efficiently
  2. A lawyer who adequately prepares you for court procedures and appearances
  3. One who answers any questions promptly and clearly
  4. Excellent negotiation and communication skills
  5. Unbiased, practical, business-like approach to your case

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