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Divorce Mediation Lawyers / Mediators in Winnipeg Manitoba

Manitoba divorce mediation is a popular family legal method that offers individuals a gentler, flexible and more co-operative resolution. It can save on legal expenses and costs moving forward and can help to soothe relationship troubles while preventing future resentment or negative feelings. It is particularly helpful when there are children involved in the separation and the parents will have an ongoing relationship. It offers some key benefits but is not for every separating couple and many times enlisting the help of an experienced and professional Winnipeg divorce mediation lawyer will help smooth out and ensure a thorough and complete mediation. For more information on finding a personal, affordable and top Winnipeg divorce mediation attorney to help guide you through the process and support you, please get in touch with us.

About Winnipeg Family Law Mediation:

When both parties in a separation agree that they can work co-cooperatively towards the resolution of disputes and upcoming issues, a family law mediator will engage and organize both parties of the mediation separately for an initial interview. During these meetings and the initial consultation the goal will be for the divorce mediator to discuss, focus and understand your desires and wishes and explore satisfactory terms that both parties might agree on. Conflicts and disputes that will need to be addressed moving forward will be brought up and discussed from both points of view.

These personal meetings allow the mediator to gather information from each party in a confidential way and helps identify any anticipated or potential disagreements to adjust and discuss in the joint meetings and agreements. Basic information that will be discussed can include:

  • Property division and equalization
  • Spousal Support Payments & Schedule
  • Personal and joint assets, debts and finances
  • Full legal names, dates and marriage details

If there are children involved, common areas of discussion include:

  • Child custody decisions
  • Child access & visitation
  • Child support payments
  • Child guardianship
  • Parenting agreements and plans

Following these initial confidential interviews with both parties, the Manitoba divorce mediator will have a better understanding of the situation and prepare a suggestive rough draft and settlement terms based on the individuals desires and goals. These suggested terms will provide a template for discussion when both parties will meet and current or anticipated disputes, conflicts and disagreements on certain issues, which can then be brought to the table to be understood and negotiated before final terms are set.

Separate of the mediator, parties are encouraged to obtain personal legal representation through an educated Winnipeg divorce mediation / family law attorney who can help educate them on their individual responsibilities, obligation and legal rights within Manitoba and Canada.

For more information or help, please get in touch with us to locate the cheapest and best divorce attorneys / mediators in Winnipeg for your personal situation.

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