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Female Winnipeg Divorce Lawyers for Women

Though both parties hurt in a divorce, the process can be especially draining on females going through the end of a marriage. From the emotional toll to the physical drain that the process can take, women are in a unique position both legally and personally during that difficult time. For that reason, it is important that a woman finds an attorney who understands the struggles of women ending a marriage and can represent them to the best of quality and efficacy. The following are some aspects of legal representation that you, as a woman, should consider before signing into any legally binding contract for an attorney’s advice.

Legal Methodology in Winnipeg, MB

  • Your advocate or personal goal? Your attorney should focus on you as a female client but not have a personal women’s rights agenda in mind.
  • Does the attorney seem interested in divorce law in Winnipeg or in your case?
  • Is the advice you are receiving morally accurate?
  • Does the attorney seem to want to find a comfortable ending to your case?
  • How much will he or she cost and is there legal aid available?
  • Does the attorney understand the court system and are they aware of who they will be seeing as a judge in the case?

Gendered Courts: Are They Real?

As a woman entering into divorce proceedings in Winnipeg MB, you may wonder if there is a bias in the courts against females. This is a real and valid concern, even though studies in the area are mixed as to weather or not a gender biased exists. With no conclusive evidence that it does not, it is a very real and disconcerting fear that it may which is highly likely to cause you a bit of panic.

The truth of the matter is, though, that most judges in family court and in divorce proceedings are not biased against a particular gender. The vast majority look at the case based upon the facts and not the sex of the parties involved. If there is a problem or perceived discrimination does arise, your attorney should be prepared and explain to you the steps that can be taken in order to have the judge recused from the case. It is your attorney’s job to see and handle this discrimination.

Is Your Winnipeg Attorney’s Advice Accurate?

Your attorney need not and should not make your case about them and their gendered agenda, as noted previously. They should, however, understand the unique concerns and pressures that you as a woman may feel and face during the seperation process. From financial issues to custody considerations, the best attorney will tailor his or her advice to not your gender in general but you individually.

A  qualified attorney for women going through an annulment in Winnipeg should provide access and resources for psychological help, protection if abuse was present in the marriage, and overall legal direction. These issues are as important to getting a healthy resolution as those that will take place in court or in the judge’s chamber. Your attorney should provide you with all of the help you need to not only end your marriage successfully and with the best results, but also lead a happy and healthy life following the court’s verdict, ruling, or decision.

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