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Finding a Cheap Family Lawyer in Winnipeg / Manitoba

Divorce has a way of destroying you both emotionally and financially. The fee for a reputable attorney has the potential to wipe out your entire life savings. So, how can you prevent this from happening?

Learn From Others

Before running to a Winnipeg family law attorney, spend time discussing your situation with friends or family who have personally experienced divorce. These resources have the potential to provide you with the best advice, there are even specialties like legal representation for males and husbands only, which can help save you hard earned money. Friends and family will not eliminate the need for a Family Legal Attorney, but their help can help save you from paying a lawyer for minor questions. Those who know you also know your financial situation and can help point you in the direction of inexpensive representation.

Legal Aid

There are many forms of legal aid available to help those who are unable to afford attorneys. While they usually handle cases dealing with property and business, occasionally they will assist couples that are unable to afford attorneys while going through a divorce. There is even a chance, if your financial status is poor enough, these aids will provide legal services free of charge.

Talk With Your Partner

During divorce proceedings, lawyers will charge more for the division of property and assets, as this is a time consuming process. Take some time to sit with your husband or wife and try sorting the bulk of this on your own. Also discuss the cost of raising your child(ren) and attempt to agree upon custody and child support amounts. If you are able to sort through these things, all that is left for the lawyer is paperwork, which costs much less than the entire division process. This also expedites the divorce process greatly.

An inexpensive divorce attorney in a simple case – around 10 working hours – charges around $2,000 USD as these lawyers can charge around $200 USD per hour. Before deciding on an inexpensive divorce attorney, keep in mind that many times these lawyers take on a larger case load in order to compensate for more reasonable prices which, in turn, means that they are not able to provide the same level of attention as a pricier lawyer.

Take your time choosing a lawyer to represent you during your divorce. This time is difficult enough without worrying about the financial burden of a lawyer so research all avenues before hiring representation.

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