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Child Custody Lawyer in Winnipeg

child custody lawyers winnipegWhen a couple with children decides to separate, they need to come to an understanding about important decisions and time to be spent with the children of the family. This can be accomplished
inside or outside of court.

Child Custody in Manitoba

Child custody refers to the individual parent who will have the major decision making power in the child’s life. These decisions commonly include educational, religious and health care choices. If a parent has sole custody they will be able to make all of these decisions alone, if the parents have joint custody however both parties will need to come to agreement before a final choice is permitted. A common misconception is that child custody means whom will get to spend time with the child but the term legally refers to decision making power.

Child Access in Manitoba

Child access is the legal term used to describe who gets to spend what time with the children. A common example is when a child lives with one parent but has regular set access times arranged with the other parent. Child access is the right of the child and not that of the parents.

In both areas of custody and access a Winnipeg child custody lawyer can help, assist and negotiate with parents in forming a formal agreement that covers both of the issues fully. This may also require the help with a mediator or parenting coordinator to come to a final agreed upon decision. Commonly people will wish to hire another custody and access professional such as a social worker or psychologist who reports in a more unbiased way as to the children’s best interests.

Is an access & child custody attorney in Winnipeg for you?

It is preferred that both parents can reach an agreement that is best for the children outside of the court and develop a custody and access agreement with the advice of their individual attorneys and mediators. In the instance of a dispute you may however have your legal representative represent you in court where a judge will determine things such as the child’s primary residence, whom will hold the decision making power and the terms of access among the parents.

Winnipeg Child Support Attorneys

child support lawyers winnipegWhen a marriage is coming to an end and there are children involved, one of the most difficult, but important, decisions to consider is that of providing financially for the children’s needs and future. A child support attorney in Winnipeg can help a parent come to an understanding of child support through proper parenting agreements, separation agreements or if needs be through the court system where a judge will make the ruling decision in court.

What Is Child Support?

When a child lives with one parent, they have the basic right to receive financial assistance from the non-primary living parent. It’s a legal obligation of the other parent who does not shelter the child to pay a fair child support payment on a schedule to whom they do reside with primarily.

There are set predetermined guidelines established and calculated depending on the province, the income of the individual and the number of children they must support. These guidelines and payments are very firm and only adjusted in certain circumstances, examples include:

  • If the income of the payor is over $150,000
  • The payor would endure undue financial hardship due to the arranged payment
  • The child is over 18 years old of age and not a full time student
  • The non-custodial parent spends 40% or more of the time with the child and there is an understood shared custody agreement.

A parent will also be expected and required to pay a fair proportionate share of other expenses including extracurricular activity, childcare costs, educational and health costs and other extraordinary expenses. The fair proportion will be based on and calculated using both party’s incomes.

Why a Winnipeg Child Support Attorney?

Providing proper experience and knowledge to efficiently navigate and assist in legal agreements can save you a lot of time, hardship and money, while also ensuring the best interests of the children. Negotiation of terms is much simpler and when both parties agree there will be proper legal agreements in place. If such an agreement cannot be made simply between both parents, a decision will be stated in court and you want to have proper and effective representation to assist your case through the process.

Cohabitation Agreements in Winnipeg

winnipeg cohabitation agreementsA cohabitation agreement in Winnipeg outlines certain things for people that wish to live together, but would like to clarify certain aspects and issues in advance if a separation were to take place in the future.

A proper Winnipeg cohabitation agreement will outline and dictate terms set by both parties who are living together or would like to move into together. It usually outlines certain financial aspects of their relationship so that in the event of a future separation, there will be no disputes regarding property, support payments or other areas of interest. Common examples include issues that arise in the event of divorce such as division of property and assets, spousal support and other common marriage dissolution problems.

With the professional assistance of a Cohabitation attorney in Winnipeg both individuals can come to terms in the agreement and stipulate how a future separation would be handled. Agreements are tailored to the needs and wishes of both individuals and in the event that a marriage takes place while cohabitation agreement is in place, it can easily be transferred and tailored into a binding marriage contract / agreement.

Why a Cohabitation Agreement in Manitoba?

Individuals wishing to avoid the headaches and problems that commonly arise in a separation such as arguments, disagreements, financial costs and lost time negotiating decisions are well served by proper legal cohabitation agreements in Canada. They also do a good job at providing a means to opt out of certain legal obligations like the family law act in Canada and spousal support provisions, provided that the request is reasonable.

Prenuptial & Marriage Contract in Winnipeg MB

prenuptial agreements prenupA couple looking to get married is typically recommended and suggested by a family lawyer in Winnipeg to arrange a marriage contract (also known as a prenuptial agreement or contract) to decide upon certain issues in advance to avoid hardship, financial and time aches and relationship damage.

A marriage contract is a pre-written legal agreement between two parties that are married or wish to get married. A prenuptial lawyer in Winnipeg can help you outline and detail aspects of your relationship should your marriage come to an end. The most common issues in a prenuptial contract are the division of property and assets as well as spousal support payments. With the help of a professional or qualified attorney both parties will be able to quickly and simply resolve potential future disputes that may arise from a future separation.

A proper marriage agreement can also help an individual(s) to opt out of certain aspects of the Family Law Act, Divorce Act, spousal support provisions as well as protect personal and business interests of both individuals and avoid many of the frustrations of separation.

Parenting Agreements In Winnipeg Family Law

parenting agreement manitobaA parenting agreement in Manitoba and Canada is a great way for individuals wishing to understand and come to terms in advance with how their children will be cared for in the future in the case of problems or future relationship problems.

A parenting contract attorney in Manitoba can help parties stipulate and decide upon how their children will be raised and cared for in the future following such unforeseen circumstances. A plethora of topics are usually decided upon include custody, access, where they will live primarily, religious choices, education and health care choices and many others.

A parenting contract in Manitoba is suggested when individuals want to ensure that the child’s best interests will be taken care of properly in the future if something should happen to the cooperation between parents or a legal separation. A parenting lawyer will be able to help you and is particularly helpful for children and instances where a judge would otherwise make ruling decisions. If parents are having dispute or conflict they are also suggested to hire the help of a parenting coordinator or therapist alongside professional legal representation to negotiate the terms of the parenting agreement in the unbiased and best interests of the child or children.

Winnipeg Separation Lawyers & Agreements

separation family lawyers winnipegAn experienced and educated separation lawyer in Winnipeg MB, can help parties who desire or need to take care of certain disputes which may arise from their separation, drawn out into a formal written contract. A Manitoba separation agreement is right for people looking to legally separate or divorce whom have outstanding issues to address such as child access, child support, property division, spousal support and other common conflicts. The contract allows the individuals to settle outside of the courtroom and decide and avoid the financial and time obligations of that process. It is a legal, binding and valid document that is enforceable in the courtroom if the need arises.

A person(s) looking to separate from their spouse who would like to handle things professionally and outside of court may find the services of a good family law attorney in Winnipeg quite helpful. Negotiation, education and formalization of the terms can save you a lot of hassle. Couples having problems reaching such a resolution are also recommended to look at other methods such as Winnipeg divorce mediation or marriage arbitration.

Property Division Lawyer in Winnipeg Manitoba

division property attorneysFollowing separation or marriage dissolution, one of the biggest and most troublesome areas of concern for most parties is asset and division of property. Winnipeg division of property lawyers can go a long way to ensure their clients get what they feel is deserved/fair and negate a lot of the heartache and conflict that arises when parties decide to separate and have disputes on how the assets and property will be divided.

A spouse has the legal right to claim for an equalization of the net family property in a Manitoba divorce and a good Winnipeg divorce attorney can help tremendously. The calculation of net family property means both parties are required to disclose finances related throughout the period of their marriage to their separation, including liabilities and assets. The net asset calculation accrued throughout the marriage is called the net family property and then may be equalized among both parties justly.

The individual who has the higher net family property at the moment of official separation will be required to pay half of the difference to equalize both spouse’s net value, it is the legal right of both spouses following a separation and can be a painful and hard experience to navigate without a top divorce attorney in Winnipeg, MB.

Property division attorneys in Manitoba can assist in matters of deductions and exclusions to your net family value in order to properly and fairly calculate your individual family property value. They will also acquire and seek the accurate and necessary information to accurately assess your spouse’s family property value, ensuring proper equalization and fairness.

Spousal Support Attorneys in Winnipeg

alimony spousal support family lawA spousal support lawyer in Winnipeg can help to assist individuals when they are separating from their spouse, to negotiate and navigate the law to help with any financial concerns or assistance that they are wishing to receive or are required to pay through the Manitoba spousal support provisions.

When parties intend to separate the Canadian Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines dictate certain guidelines of financial support to be paid to one party based on several determining criteria. Such factors are the length of cohabitation, children, roles performed by the individuals during their relationship, age of the recipient party, the ability of the payor and payee and many others. These guidelines dictate the length, size and form of payment with the end goal being for both individuals to maintain a lifestyle they have been accustomed to and to prevent any hardships endured due to the separation.

A Manitoba spousal support attorney or legal professional can help you figure out these issues and navigate the nuances. Support payments can be made in a lump sum or monthly and is tax deductible to the payor provided it is properly claimed as income.

You will likely want to hire the assistance of an experienced and top Winnipeg family lawyer, especially if there is any dispute or disagreement. The spousal support advisory guidelines are not law but are commonly used by the court and attorneys to ensure consistency, fairness and the payments provided in spousal support.

Domestic Abuse Attorney Winnipeg

domestic abuse attorney winnipegUnfortunately domestic abuse and violence does occur frequently, but you are not alone and you do have certain legal rights and people to help you. It affects both women and men and when you are ready to leave a relationship or marriage that is abusive, there are steps you can and should take to protect yourself, children and loved ones.

The first step is to trust and use the police. A properly filed report detailing the situation is paramount and should be done as early as possible. It provides the court a legal and proper record of what has happened and is happening to you. An individual is also suggested to enlist the services of individuals such as social workers and community outreach programs to deal with the trauma and heartache associated with domestic abuse.

If you are ready to end the relationship and take the proper legal actions it is suggested that you find an experienced domestic abuse lawyer in Winnipeg to help. They will be able to help tremendously with the legal aspects involved in domestic violence situations and will work closely with you to help ensure you and your children’s safety, happiness and future prosperity. They can also help you understand options like restraining orders in Winnipeg and other legal actions that can be taken.

Manitoba Same Sex Marriage Lawyer

same sex marriage & divorceLegalized in Canada in 2005 making it just the 4th country to do so, it was already legal in several provinces but lacked federal unity which caused several legal issues for couples who travelled to other areas where it was not considered. There were also many problems with same sex divorce and separation of couples depending on where they lived within Canada.

Same-Sex Divorce Attorney Winnipeg

These days anywhere in Canada you reside, in a same sex marriage or relationship, it is considered one in the same as any other relationship and recognized as such by law. All the common family law issues such as property division, child and spousal support and other topics are covered under the Divorce Act of Canada for same sex couples. Common-law same sex relationships are also equally and fairly covered under the Family Law Act in Manitoba.

Why a Winnipeg Same Sex Attorney?

There are several common areas and issues that same-sex relationships encounter and may want to enlist a Manitoba same sex lawyer for, these include the adoption of the children of one spouse, custody and access following separation (there is a bias to the biological parent in many cases), marriage validity outside of Canada and many more such issues.

Although a Same-Sex couple is seen the same as an opposite sex couple in the eyes of Canadian law, there may still exist certain gender biases in the eyes of the court and proper legal representation can help ensure fairness and just treatment.

Family Law Methods and Options in Winnipeg MB

Each individual family law situation is unique and a top family law firm or attorney has a variety of methods and options they may recommend a client to take.. Finding an experienced and educated Winnipeg lawyer is key to successful litigation in court or to negotiate a favorable solution outside of the courtroom. Top family law solicitors and barristers will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of different legal actions and methods to help you decide on your best course of action, tailored to your individual needs and wishes. Popular legal methods regarding Manitoba divorce and family legal situations include arbitration, mediation, collaborative law and litigation.

Collaborative Divorce & Family Law in Winnipeg, MB

winnipeg collobrative family lawWhen a couple wants or decides to separate and there are outstanding disputes that arise from the separation that they want to settle cooperatively outside of court, collaborative divorce lawyers may be the best option.

What is Collaborative Law in Manitoba?

Collaborative family law occurs when both sides of a dispute decide they would like to settle their conflict outside of the courtroom in a cooperative manner. Clients work alongside their collaborative attorneys to discuss and decide on potential mutual resolutions to their disputes to arrive at an agreed upon decision. Each side always maintains their own control over decisions to reach a legally noticed domestic contract in Winnipeg.

It is initialized when both sides and their attorneys agree on and sign a Collaborative Practice Participation Agreement with the full understanding that unsuccessful resolution and the decision to go to court would require them both to acquire new legal representation.

Why Choose Winnipeg Collaborative Family Law

An individual or individuals may opt for collaborative separation in Winnipeg MB if they are interested in working mutually and cooperatively to settle outside of the courtroom. There can also be some significant cost differences in favour of collaboration. This type of proceeding however is not suggested or recommended when there are or may arise issues that would need legal intervention in the court system such domestic violence, restraining orders or serious adversarial relationship problems.

Arbitration & Arbitrators in Winnipeg Family Law

winnipeg arbitration arbitratorsArbitration in Manitoba is usually suggested for clients who are looking to resolve a conflict or issue more privately, where mediation has been deemed as not the best approach or has already proved unsuccessful in practice.

What Is Arbitration?

Winnipeg arbitration can resemble a court hearing to some, but the judge is commonly a specialized arbitration family lawyer in Manitoba and the proceeding is kept private for the parties. Both sides obtain separate legal guidance and may be represented by their legal professionals during the arbitration. The arbitrator reaches a decision after both sides have presented their arguments and individual positions on the matter(s) at hand. The decisions reached by the arbitrator regarding the issues are legally binding and can be used and enforced in the courtroom if one side fails to abide by the decision reached and outlined.

Is Arbitration the right choice?

If mediation has failed you or if for some reason doesn’t seem like the best course of action for your dispute, arbitration may be the right choice of family law practice for you. If you are going into arbitration following an unsuccessful mediation attempt, often the mediator will become the arbitrator and decide the final outcome in a fair, neutral and honest way.

Divorce Mediation & Mediators in Winnipeg

winnipeg divorce mediation mediatorsWinnipeg divorce mediation and family law practice allows for parties to conclude their conflicts and disputes outside of court by negotiating alongside their mediation lawyers and a third neutral party overseeing it.

What Is Mediation in Manitoba?

Using an unbiased and neutral third party a mediated divorce or family law proceeding in Winnipeg allows two parties to come to a mutually understood agreement on conflicts arising from a separation. Winnipeg mediators are usually specialised attorneys educated and experienced in family law conflicts. Using both parties presented arguments, the Manitoba mediator works in a neutral way to assist in communication, options and alternatives to arrive at the best possible mutual agreement for both sides. Failing a successful mediation, the mediator can become the party in an arbitration proceeding where they will have final decision making power taking the interests of both disputing parties into consideration. Your Manitoba family law or mediation attorney will also be involved during the mediation or arbitration processes to help represent, fight for and defend your best interests and wishes.

Is Winnipeg Mediation The Right Option?

Clients are suggested or recommend legal separation mediation if both parties have faith and legitimate interest in reaching a mutual agreement and require an unbiased and neutral third party to assist in the agreement. Cooperative effort is required by the individuals involved and isn’t suggested if there are serious problems with the relationship or if the dispute involves certain aspects that would not allow for open and proper cooperation between the parties.

Ligation & Litigators in Canadian Divorce Cases

divorce litigation litigatorsIf attempts to settle disputes in private or in a more cooperative way have failed or look to be an improbable option, family law and divorce litigation may be the best way to reach a decision backed by a court order.

Why Family Litigators in Winnipeg

Legal litigation is the common and traditionally used form of family legal proceedings where both sides of the dispute are brought into a courtroom and allows for a judge to make a final, legally binding decision based on both sides of the equation. Your individual family or divorce litigator will counsel, educate, defend or present your position in court. If you are being served a court document they will also help you begin the application and case for your court proceedings. An experienced family law litigation attorney can help to walk you through the entire process offering suggestions, options and advice regarding possible and preferred outcomes.

Is Litigation in Manitoba For You?

Where simpler or more cooperative efforts fail between parties and the other options don’t seem like viable solutions, litigation is usually the preferred next step. Several more common examples that often end up in court litigation involve restraining orders, failure to cooperate with the disclosure of property and financial status, custody battles and threat of abduction regarding children in the relationship.